Supercharge your data team

Automated infrastructure management is here

InQuery uses AI to tune your Trino or Spark cluster performance while reducing lakehouse cloud costs.

InQuery is a smarter way to data.

Optimizing your data platform is hard

Enterprise lakehouse deployments suffer from...


Server costs

Query latency

Management overhead


Resource utilization

System visibility

InQuery saves you time and money with easy-to-use lakehouse optimizations

Effortless lakehouse monitoring and observability

InQuery monitors query traffic from source to target, giving you detailed visibility into your cluster’s health and performance.

Automated query-level optimizations

InQuery identifies SQL anti-patterns and intelligently routes queries at runtime to ensure fast and efficient execution.

Powerful system reports

InQuery analyzes your query traffic and surfaces opportunities to tune query engine and storage knobs.

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How It Works

How It Works

InQuery simplifies data lakehouse maintenance, saving your data team time and money.

Today, InQuery focuses on helping you manage and optimize your Trino deployment to achieve better performance and cost efficiency at scale.

InQuery provides online and offline system analysis to help you monitor, debug, tune, and optimize your system to ensure that your infrastructure resources are used efficiently, helping you cut costs and ensure a snappy experience for your users.

Our Team

Meet Our Founders

We’re a deeply technical team that loves to build delightful software experiences for our customers.

  • Erick Enriquez

    Erick Enriquez

    Cofounder @ InQuery

    Software Engineer on DoorDash's Data Platform
    Founding Software Engineer at Hearth
    B.S. Mathematical and Computational Sciences at Stanford

  • Khalil Miri

    Khalil Miri

    Cofounder @ InQuery

    Quantitative Trader at DRW
    B.S. Computer Science at Stanford

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