Supercharge your data platform

Automated workload management is here

InQuery is a smart reverse proxy that routes queries across your Trino and Spark clusters.

InQuery is a smarter way to data.

Optimizing your data platform is hard

Enterprise lakehouse deployments suffer from...


Server costs

Query latency

Management overhead

Query failure rates

Operational overhead


Resource efficiency

System visibility

Analyst productivity

InQuery saves you time and money with easy-to-use lakehouse optimizations

Query Workload Estimation

InQuery uses AI to predict CPU and Memory needs for incoming queries based on historical traffic patterns.

Resource-aware query routing

InQuery dynamically directs queries to the best-suited engine and cluster based on real-time resource availability.

Proactive Execution Limits

InQuery leverages query resource predictions to preemptively reject queries that exceed specified execution limits.

Workload Translation

InQuery translates workloads across SQL dialects so that your users can have an engine-agnostic querying experience.

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Data Platform Performance Improvements Upwards of


Cluster CPU Utilization

Benefit 1


Query Engine Compute Costs

Benefit 1


Query Latency Improvement

Benefit 1

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